JCI World Congress 2019 in Tallinn, Estonia

4 nov 2019 08:00 - 8 nov 2019 23:30
Tallinn e.o.


In 2019, November 4-8, JCI will host the largest conference ever held in Estonia. This international conference, concentrating on leadership and entrepreneurship, will give the participants the best conference experience and introduce Estonia globally as an attractive place to make business in and travel to.


Conference Focus themes:

  1. Transformation Day: one part of the conference is a day dedicated to personal development. We will bring on stage the best known Estonian and international keynotes together with the Academy of Success.
  2. Digital Innovation Days and Hackathon: Estonia is well known in the world for it’s innovative technological products, services and successful technology companies and smart e-society. During the Digital Innovation Days we will bring to the participants well known top class world changers from Estonian companies (TransferWise, Taxify) success stories and next steps in the technology and digital world. (AI, machine learning, etc). Digital story and technological innovation starts often in start-up entrepreneurship, which means, that we will connect this day with the start-up theme and have a 48-hour hackathon during JCI World Congress in Tallinn.
  3. Clean World Day. On the 15th of September, 2018 the Let’s Do It World Cleanup Day took place, organized by the Lets Do It Foundation together with JCI. In 2019 JCI World Congress at Clean World Day we will look back on the 2018 and discuss what can be done together to make the world more sustainable. This day inspires also the JCI World Congress in 2019 to be the most sustainable conference.