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JCI International Crayfish Conference


JCI Sweden is hosting the JCI International Crayfish Conference on August 12-14 in Halmstad, Sweden!
This year, we celebrate the 65th JCI International Crayfish Conference in Halmstad. It is the longest-running JCI project by a local chapter in the world.
During the weekend there will be a traditional Swedish crayfish party, keynote speakers, laughter and a gala dinner. Over the years the event’s focus has been fun & friendship – with a perfect opportunity to exchange experiences, meet, learn and grow within JCI.
Our keynote speakers will talk about on how to build your own brand on Linkedin with focus on JCI; health, motivation and how to, as a leader, create an environment where people thrive have fun and perform at the best of the abilities; and last, but nor least, a famous Swedish author and former police commissioner will talk about leadership and master suppression techniques.
We welcome you all to Halmstad, the second weekend of August, to celebrate our 65th JCI International Crayfish Conference.
Check out the website here and book your ticket now!