JCI Help for Ukraine

The people of Ukraine are currently living in an emergency situation. Their lives are literally turned upside down. Many people are on the run or are locked up in air-raid shelters. JCI Netherlands has taken the initiative to collect the necessary resources (think of medical supplies and hygiene products etc.) to help this humanitarian disaster that is affecting more than 7 million people. We would like to inform you how you as a JCI member, volunteer or donor can help. In addition, we give important instructions to ensure that the collected goods actually end up at the right place.


Status donations
Target: € 25.000

04/06/2022 19:31

Results of supply collection

Dozens of collection actions

Five central drop-off locations

Six trucks arrived in Romania/Poland & Ukraine with over one hundred and fifty pallets of relief goods

At least three trucks with 100 pallets still planned

Collection points


Part of the help for Ukraine is a fundraising campaign. We use the donations for funding of the transport of the goods to the border areas and to purchase relief supplies locally. You can make a donation via Tikkie. Click on this link, click the button below or scan the QR-code. You will be redirected to the safe payment environment of Tikkie where you can choose an amount and can donate. You can pay with your own bank. You can also share this Tikkie-link with others! Through our socials, we will keep you updated on how we use the money raised. 

Donate here

Collection of supplies

JCI focused on the collection of: 

  • Medical supplies

  • Hygiene products 

  • Other products

In this list you can see what goods we collected. As situation is constantly changing we will update this overview regulary. 

List supplies

Collection of goods

In recent weeks, together with (former) members, senators and partners, we have started, in addition to a crowdfunding campaign, various actions to collect relief goods. The focus has been on medical supplies, hygiene products and long-life food. 

Since the start JCI NL has focused on collecting, sorting and preparing these goods on pallets before they are transported. This helps the recipients in the border areas to receive and distribute the goods quickly. They can then focus on other important matters. It also prevents goods from ending up in a big pile and never being distributed. 

Because we are in constant contact with other JCI Chambers and contact persons in Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine, we know for sure that the goods end up in the right place.


A few things we have achieved together: 


  • Dozens of fundraising events in almost all provinces of the Netherlands;

  • Nine large donations of relief goods by various companies from our network;

  • Five central drop-off locations in the Netherlands where volunteers sorted thousands of donated products and prepared them for shipment;

  • Six full transports, with more than 150 pallets, have already arrived in Romania/Poland - and from there further transported to Ukraine;

  • At least two more transports are scheduled to depart from Biddinghuizen and Apeldoorn next week. 

International network

Our strength is that we, with our international network, have switched quickly. This has enabled us to meet the need for emergency aid in a short space of time. However, as an association we are not set up to provide structural development aid. The established NGOs, such as Refugee Action and the Red Cross, are simply better at this. For this reason, we have decided to stop collecting relief goods through the central hubs for the time being.

20 March was the last opportunity to collect the relief goods.

In the coming weeks, we will focus on processing all received donations and preparing them for shipment. Do you as a Chamber have a fundraising campaign running or planned? ? If so, please coordinate this with Team Logistics to ensure that the goods can still be processed. 

What else can you do?

The fact that we have stopped the large-scale collection actions via the central hubs does not mean that we are stopping completely. Because the war is not over yet. 

First we want to bring the current action to a good end. This means that the coming period we will continue to bring the collected goods and donations to the right place. At the same time we will discuss the next phase within the JCI Network. This could be, for example, helping to accommodate refugees here in the Netherlands or helping the JCI organizations in Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, Poland and/or Slovakia with the reception of refugees. 

That is why you can still do your bit: 

  • Start a crowd-funding campaign or local initiative to raise money for this cause. We will use the raised money to buy local relief goods & support local initiatives;  

  • Contact one of the core team members if you have ideas about structural help we can provide in the next phase.


General | Kim Scholten |  06-20339368

Fundraising | Ivona Bojic | 06-29459391

Communicaton | Niels Glerum | 06-42413769

Logistics | Stefanie van der Sman | 06-46434271

Crypto | Yanick Dols | 06-52783989